18 February 2012

Cäsar's Palace.

Cäsar's Home !

With the completion of some details, to put a thing or two of interest onto the base, this build finally came to  an end.

Some pictures in front of a fancy background:

And some details added

Thanks for watching and for your patience !

5 February 2012

88 mm Flak 37 mit Behelfslafette - Cäsar on the Catwalk.

 With adding the shield and applying the last touch ups, Cäsar's construction and painting came to an end. Some catwalk shots :

Cäsar watching the skies for the rest of his miserable 'life'

2 February 2012

88 mm Flak 37 mit Behelfslafette - Painting stages

Adding the shield

One of the final stages in this build is to install the gun shield. Because this is a photo etched part, epoxy glue is used to fit the shield onto the gun cradle.

Cäsar is beginning to take shape

30 January 2012

Caesar's Palace

Test Shots of the Flak

First test shots of the half-finished FLAK against a scenic background.

The whole thing nearing its completion.

26 January 2012

Weathering the FLAK ( continued... )

Some workbench shots.

The painting and weathering stage is nearing its completion.

Optics painted in Lamp Black Oil Paint

Details of the gun tube weathering

Wear on the wooden seats

Overall Shots

18 December 2011

Weathering the Flak 37

I don't particulary like the "scrapyard look" that is so common these days in weathering a miniature. I believe that the equipment of an army at war doesn't last long enough to rust away, so I decided to keep my weathering to a ( what I believe to be ) realistic level. Don't misunderstand: I have much appreciation for the "scrapyard look" but I don't think it fits in a frontline stage and certainly not at the frontline of the 12 ss Pz div in Normandy 1944.

The paint on the Lafette  is likely to be damaged and worn out by the actions of the gun operators.

Scratches, mud splashes and rain streaks.

Difference in hue compared to the other side of the gun shield that catches more light and is likely to fade harder

And here's Cäsar. No weathering yet.